Indigenous gospel musician, Lanre Teriba entered stardom in 2000 with his debut album Atorise (Reformer). While spending most his childhood at church this Ogun State native discovered his vocal gift.

At eighteen, Teriba left home to pursue an Accounting Degree at Federal Poly Chapter Offa in Kwara State. There he joined the university’s Kegites club where he composed and performed music which brought the club members closer to God.

After attaining his degree, he searched for a job for five years to no avail. Teriba decided to use his gift thus he began composing while struggling to raise money for a demo. In 1999 during his pursuit of establishing his music career he came across a promoter, Tunde Olokodana. Olokodana instantly fell in love with Teriba's demo and he invested in him.

Since then Teriba continues to maintain a unique standard with his infusion of indigenous beats with other sounds called 'Tungba'. Teriba has staged concerts along with K1 De Ultimate, 9ice, Sammy Okposo amongst others. His unique way of spreading God's message makes him an outstanding inspirational musician.

To date he has released 15 albums including the latest 'Unstoppable God.' Additionally, he remains the most travelled artiste within his genre as he continues to tour across multiple countries in Africa, North America and Europe.​